Commercial Concrete Restoration

Most people think of concrete as a hard, dense rather invulnerable material. Why else would we use it to build our homes, offices and other infrastructure?

While these are indeed characteristics of concrete on a macro scale, at the micro level, concrete is instead porous and quite permeable.

When steel is used to reinforce concrete in our structures, it is placed in an environment which changes over time. New concrete provides a passive, non-corroding environment. Through the years, moisture laden chlorides will migrate through the concrete’s porous structure to the level of the reinforcing steel. The chlorides will eventually disrupt the passive layer protecting the steel and the corrosion process begins.

When steel corrodes in concrete it produces the formation of rust. The volume of rust produced is five to ten times larger than the volume of the original steel. The expansion which occurs in this process first causes cracks in the substrate (which allows for the chlorides and water to enter at an even faster rate), followed by spalling. Corrosion also causes the reinforcing steel to lose cross section which reduce its strength capacity.

Our concrete restoration and waterproofing division is designed to provide the structural repairs that become necessary due to this process – crack repairs, balcony spall repairs, beam and column repairs – as well as providing the additional protection of waterproofing membranes and sealants that will provide long – term protection for your structure.


Are you finding water in areas where it shouldn't be? What about areas of high humidity that could affect the supplies or equipment in your building? If you're having troubles with moisture or water invading your business, we can help you. A Silveria Painting contractor can inspect your commercial property and identify areas throughout your interior that are not properly sealed. Once the areas are located we can provide waterproofing solutions that completely insulate and seal your property. With professional waterproofing you get the protection you need from the outside elements.

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Our Services Include:

  • Pre-cast railing replacements
  • Aluminum / Glass railing systems
  • Window / Sliding Glass door replacement
  • Decorative cementitious floor surfaces
  • Garage and parking deck repairs
  • Stucco repair
  • Epoxy injection
  • Strengthening
  • Migratory corrosion inhibitors
  • Cathodic protection

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