Fort Lauderdale Painting Articles & Tips


Painting Textures & Special Applications

Textures and special applications make interesting details in an interior design. These painting techniques create depth, drama, and personality to an otherwise boring paint job. … Read More

5 Basic Interior Painting Tips From Pros In Fort Lauderdale

Silveria Painting & Waterproofing is Fort Lauderdale's premier concrete restoration and painting contractor. It's important to learn a few basics about painting before beginning a project. The following interior painting tips from our pros should help you get good results. Of course, if you need an interior painting contractor in Fort Lauderdale, call us. … Read More

4 Reasons To Hire A Professional High Pressure Cleaning Contractor

For many home and business owners, the idea of hiring a pro to clean any exterior surface around your home or business property may be something you've never considered. After all, you can purchase a new pressure washer just about anywhere. You're average home supply store is more than happy to sell you a pressure washer that you can take home and set up yourself. But there are numerous issues with a DIY pressure cleaning. The advantages ... Read More

Great Interior Painting Tips For Your Home

Painting any room in you room can be both challenging and very rewarding. This is because interior painting is more than just throwing a coat of paint up on the wall. Painting makes a statement that is a direct reflection of your personality and your artistic vision for your home. So it's important to get it right the first time. Remember that any home renovation is an investment that should pay dividends down the road as you enjoy your project ... Read More

The Benefits of Professional Concrete Restoration

When home or business owners begin to see blemishes in their concrete structures such as flooring, sidewalks, or even walls, they often ignore them for fear that these surfaces will have to be replaced. This obviously costs a tremendous amount of money. Instead of worrying about a total concrete replacement, however, you may want to consider all the advantages that concrete restoration has over replacing your old concrete. If you're not familiar ... Read More

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