Creative Knockdown Textures For Your Southeast Florida Home

Fort Lauderdale Residential Knockdown Textures

For a completely original look in your home interior check out all the features and benefits of Knockdown textures. We professionally apply knockdown textures for ceilings and walls in homes across Deerfield and the surrounding Southeast Florida area. With knockdown textures you have options that are not available in other types of wall designs. Unlike wallpaper or regular paint jobs, knockdown provides eye-popping designs that truly give your wall deep texturing that is a joy to look at. Contact Silveria Painting today and let us help you add character to your ceilings and walls with revolutionary knockdown textures.

What Is Knockdown Texture

Although many homeowners have more than likely seen knockdown texture, many do not know it by name. Knockdown texture is a drywall finishing style that is happy medium between a flat, smooth finish and a more extreme finish such as orange peel, or popcorn, texture (commonly found on ceilings). Although there is more than one way to apply knockdown texture, the most common method is known as a spray hopper. A joint compound is watered down down into a soft mixture and then mounted on the wall in a more thick design that ranges from loose patterns to an abstract layout. As the compound dries a trowel is used to fine tune the design. The result is a wall that has a 3-D effect.

The Benefits of Knockdown Textures

Knockdown texture is a great addition for ceilings and walls in residential interiors. It is commonly applied to popcorn has been removed, but can also be used for flat, smooth surfaces as well. Knockdown textures is also commonly used on walls because of the unique effect that is displays. With knockdown textures you have multiple options. For most homeowners a medium level texture is desired. If you’re going for a more cutting edge look, however, you can get a heavy texture, or even a light texture to make a subtle statement. Ours killed artisans can custom design any knockdown texture in order to suite your personal taste. All colors and shades are available and we can even do patterns.

A Cost Effective Solution

There is an additional advantage to Knockdown Textures. You will see a considerable reduction in construction and labor costs. The reason for this is that knockdown textures conceals imperfections in the walls that usually occur over time or during initial construction. Patching up the imperfections by sanding them down, filling them in, or replacing drywall can be time consuming and cost you more in labor. Knockdown textures solve that dilemma by covering up the imperfections which never have to be corrected, while give you a creative solutions that helps your walls or ceiling stand out.

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